Fire Alarm
Ancillaries and Modules

MINERVA MX Ancillaries & Modules

CIM800 Contact Input Module
The CIM800 is a flexible addressable input monitoring device that fits in the standard ancillary housings. The CIM800 provides up to two inputs to current MX panels though this can be implemented as two separately wired spurs.
DDM800 Universal Fire & Gas Detector Module
The DDM800 Universal Fire & Gas Detector Module is an MX addressable module that can be used to connect zones of existing conventional 20V detectors or 4-20mA detectors and interface them with an MX addressable fire alarm system.
LIM800 Line Isolator Module
The LIM800 Line Isolator Module is designed to be used on the MX addressable controller loop circuits. It monitors the line condition and when detecting a short circuit will isolate the affected section whilst allowing the rest of the addressing circuit to function normally.
MIM800 Mini-Input Module
The MIM800 is a small MX addressable module designed for monitoring a single input circuit. The MIM800 can monitor normally open or normally closed inputs and provides open and short circuit monitoring of the line. The MIM800 is designed for fitting in small devices such as flow switches, special detection devices and explosion proof callpoints.
MIO800 Multi-Input Output Module
The MIO800 is a general purpose interface module for use with MX TechnologyTM fire detection systems. It allows multiple input and output connections to be made between external equipment and the MX Digital loop.
RIM800 Relay Interface Module
The RIM800 provides a single programmable relay output from the MX DIGITAL addressable loop which can be programmed for a variety of applications including signalling fire conditions to plant, machinery, fire doors, dampers & security systems.