Fire Alarm
Graphic User Interface

TXG Tyco Expert Graphics

MX Addressable Fire Detection
TXG Tyco Expert Graphics is based on a graphical alarm monitoring system that has been installed on hundreds of large fire detection and alarm monitoring systems around the world.

It provides annunciation, status display, and control for MX networks incorporating latest MX Technology™ fire detection. It also supports the Minerva® fire detection systems thus ensuring that future updates from Minerva® to MX technology™ can be accommodated.

TXG is a Microsoft Windows® based graphical interface with a high resolution, colour display. Responsive on-screen buttons with configurable icons provide control switches specific to the operation being performed. Utilizing a combination of symbols, floor plans, pictures, text, voice messages and video input, TXG displays the precise location and gives instructions on what emergency action should be taken. A detailed map of the area affected can be printed automatically for use by personnel responding to an emergency. Prompt response to a fire emergency, with the correct action, provides the opportunity to reduce financial loss and greatly improve safety.

Much of the work involved in configuring TXG has been simplified through the automatic import of panel configurations and the ability to use a wide range of input data file types including GIF, JPG, bitmap, AutoCAD®, Vector and WAV files.

System maintenance can be carried out via the high level user interface with the ability to edit the position and attributes of point icons as well as make changes to drawing layouts. In addition to simplifying maintenance, being a true client server application means that any number of on-site or off-site workstations can interrogate the database with pre-defined security levels to facilitate any required combination of access and control.
  • Windows® based graphical interface with a high resolution, colour display
  • Provides annunciation, status display and control
  • Developed by Tyco specifically to provide monitoring and control of fire protection life safety systems
  • Supports MX and Minerva® panels connected via MXNet or ThornNet
  • Multiple workstations can be configured for specific functions or redundant operation
  • Response buttons with configurable icons provide control switches specific to any operation being performed
  • Displays the precise location of events
  • Single monitor or two monitor (text and graphics) support at each workstation.
  • Audio descriptions of screens can be played on request or played when an event occurs
  • Dual language switching
  • The ability to display live video when specific predefined alarm conditions occur
  • Easy to configure and set-up. No special networking or PC training required
  • MX and Minerva® device symbols available
  • Link with AXIS IP CCTV cameras.
  • No additional wiring, reduced installation cost for a fully integrated fire detection monitoring and video system
  • True Client / Server application
  • Centralised security administration means that operator accounts are administered through the TXG client’s common database
  • Application installation and configuration need only be made once for any number of workstations
  • Mouse, Keyboard or Touch-screen control with full multimedia compatibility
  • Uses a combination of symbols, floor plans, pictures, text and video to communicate events
  • Gives instructions on what emergency action should be taken
  • Print maps and instructions to assist response teams
  • History logging recallable or printable by event, dates, device, or a host of other available filters
  • The advanced filter allows the history report to be specifically limited to a particular range or date period.
  • Fast printout of alarm graphic
  • Commands to control outputs from the Graphical User Interface
  • Events can be accepted individually or can be “auto-accept”
  • Supports all standard PC picture file types (i.e. GIF, JPG, BMP), AutoCAD® & Vector file types