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MINERVA Flame Detectors


FLAMEVision FV300 Array Based Infrared Flame Detectors
The FlameVision detector utilises infra red array based flame detection combined with integral CCTV to automatically and reliably identify flame incidents and pin point the location on a video image.
S200 Plus Triple IR Flame Detector
The MINERVA S200 Plus flame detectors are Infrared solar blind and multi-channel infra-red flame detectors with low power consumption and high false alarm immunity.
601F & 601FEx Flame Detectors
The 601F and the 601FEx are full featured solar blind flame detectors for indoor use and boast a high degree of false alarm immunity.
801F & 801FEx Flame Detectors
The 801FEx point type flame detector forms part of the MXTechnology® range of digital addressable fire detectors.