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MINERVA Conventional Fire Detectors


Tyco EMEA conventional detector design evolution has resulted in the creation of a new Series 600 range of unobtrusively styled detectors, incorporating a number of unique design features enabling improved operation, installation and ease of servicing.

Through innovative design Series 600 detectors have the ability to reduce installation and servicing time to a minimum, needing only one visit to the ceiling to complete the installation and having a park position for the detector to simplify servicing.
601CH Carbon Monoxide + Heat Detector
601CH detectors are generally faster than ion-chamber and optical detectors in responding to fires that start by smoldering. They are also more tolerant of positioning and can be mounted in locations where there are likely to be obstacles to free smoke plume movement.
601H Heat Detector
Heat detectors offer an acceptable, but less sensitive alternative to smoke detectors if environmental conditions rule out their use. 601H-R (rate-of-rise) and 601H-F (fixed temperature) detectors detect abnormally high rates of rise of temperature and abnormally high (static) temperatures respectively.
601P Optical Smoke Detector
601P detectors are capable of detecting the visible smoke produced by materials which smoulder or burn slowly, i.e. soft furnishings, plastic foam etc; or "smoke" produced by overheated but unburnt PVC.
601PH Optical Smoke + Heat Detector
601PH detectors react to the complete range of fire products, from slow smoldering fires, producing visible particles to open flaming fires producing large numbers of very hot smaller sized aerosols. The combination of optical and heat technology allows detection of clear burning fire products which hitherto could only be easily detected by ion-chamber detectors.
601F Flame Detector
The 601F point type flame detectors form part of the 600 series of conventional detectors. Both the 601F and the 601FEx are full featured solar blind flame detectors for indoor use and boast a high degree of false alarm immunity.