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FIRERAY 5000 Auto Aligning Infrared Optical Beam Smoke Detector

The FIRERAY 5000 is the first of a new family of auto aligning infrared optical beam smoke detector products and accessories. This innovative system has been designed from the ground up to include pioneering technology that fully addresses the needs of the installer and user, both now and in the future.

With its industry leading optics, the FIRERAY 5000 is ideally suited for the protection of large areas where the use of traditional detection technologies would prove to be too difficult and/or costly to install.The FIRERAY 5000 combines an infrared transmitter and receiver in the same discrete unit and operates by projecting a well-defined beam to a reflective prism, which returns the beam to the receiver for analysis. Smoke in the beam path causes a drop in power, which, if below a pre-determined level, results in an alarm signal.

Getting the system operational is simplified by a number of groundbreaking features that combine to make the FIRERAY 5000 the quickest and easiest detector of its type to install.

Once the detector head is connected, using the Easifit First Fix system, an integral LASER, which is aligned along the optical path of the beam, can be activated.This allows the reflective prism to be sighted quickly and with confidence. Once the LASER has been used to coarsely align the beam, the AutOptimise beam alignment system takes over and automatically steers the beam into the optimum position.

The system can be fully customised, according to local conditions; both alarm thresholds (sensitivity) and time to Alarm/Fault can be set from the ground level System Controller. Additionally, the integrated accessory mount allows the use of a variety of standard fittings to solve any specific installation issues. The optional dedicated mounting bracket allows a greater degree of flexibility during installation.

The system is fully compliant with the requirements of RoHS & WEEE and is supplied with a 3-year warranty as standard.

  • Modular Design
  • Easifit First Fix System
  • Ground Level System Controller
  • LASER Assisted Alignment
  • Automatic Contamination Compensation
  • AutOptimise Beam Alignment
  • Building Shift Compensation
  • 2-wire interface from Detector to System Controller
  • Cost Effective


FireRay 2000

The FIRE-RAY 2000 is an active infra-red smoke detector. The system comprises of three base elements i.e. a transmitter, receiver and Control Unit. Analysis of the modulated infra-red beam by the Control Unit determines whether smoke is present, and if so generates an alarm signal.

  • Range 5 metres up to 100 metres
  • Area coverage up to 1400m2
  • Selectable sensitivity
  • Self-check and automatic compensation
  • Manual or automatic reset
  • Optional ZETTLER loop powered interface module (LPBD 521)
  • Suitable for both conventional and addressable fire systems
  • Fire/fault interface to ZETTLER controller
  • Low current consumption
  • Flexible system design options
  • Robust metal construction
  • Designed to conform to BS5839 Part 5
FireRay 50/100R

The FireRay 50/100R is a reflective infra-red beam smoke detector. The system comprises of two base elements i.e. a combined infra-red transmitter and receiver in a common housing and a reflective prism. The electronics of the combined transmitter and receiver unit analyse the reflected beam from the prism for smoke and generates an alarm condition if a pre-determined level is reached.

  • Range 5 to 50 metres (50R)
  • Range 50 to 100 metres (100R)
  • Area of coverage up to 750m2 (50R), 1500m2 (100R)
  • Selectable sensitivity
  • Self-check and automatic compensation
  • Manual or Automatic Reset
  • Optional ZETTLER loop powered interface module (LPBD521)
  • Suitable for both Conventional and Addressable Systems
  • Fire/Fault Interface to the Minerva Controller
  • Low current consumption
  • Flexible System Design Options
  • Robust ABS Construction
  • Designed to Conform to BS5839 Part 5, EN54 Part 12, UL and Vds