Fire Alarm
Bells, Sounders and Beacons

MINERVA Bells & Sounders

The bells available for use with the Minerva system are available in solenoid or motorised models. 6 or 8 inch options are available, all of which are low cost, low voltage units with a high 94dBA/m output. The bells are fully suppressed and polarised and are quick and easy to install.
Banshee Sounders
An ultra low profile alarm sounder for fire and security applications utilising all of the best features of the traditional Banshee plus an additional volume control fitted as standard.
Firecryer Sounders
The MINERVA FIRECRYER is an electronic sounder, which provides as default the same electronic sound as the MINERVA Besson Banshees. In addition, the FIRECRYER provides up to 4 predefined voice messages, which can be synchronised across a zone of sounders.
Roshni Sounders
A flexible alarm sounder for Fire and Security applications complete with volume control and dil switch to provide 32 tones.
Symphoni MX Addressable Loop Powered Sounder
The Sounder only models are available with a red or white housing suitable for indoor use and an IP65 rated red housing for outdoor applications. The Audio / Visual models, which incorporate a high efficiently LED beacon are also available with a red or white housing for indoor use and an IP65 rated red housing for outdoor applications.
Minerva® MX AVBase Loop Powered Sounder Base and Sounder Beacon Base
The Minerva®MX AVBase range of devices includes a sounder beacon base and a high output sounder base for use with MX Technology fire controllers, MX1000, MX4000, MX2 & MZX.
Symphoni Sounders
The 24 Vdc Symphoni Sounder is a general purpose internal sounder, available either as a very high output sounder for noisy areas, or a high output low current sounder for applications where power is limited. Both versions share the same horn and backbox which has double cable entries for ease of installation.
Xenon Beacon
This high quality range of Xenon beacons are tested to IP 65 making them ideal for the most stringent applications. Each beacon incorporates a low profile Frestral lens designed to give maximum light output.
Other Sounders
Other sounders available include models such as the Flameproof Horn Sounder, Flush Mount Bedroom Sounder, Askari Compact Sounder and Squashni Sounder.